The Body Bartender was founded and created by licensed Esthetician Heather Losik.  As an advocate of good skin health, Heather created a line of products that are not just good for the skin but are free of Parabens (a preservative known to mimic breast cancer cells), and never tested on animals.  

During the early development stages of The Body Bartender, Heather noticed a booming trend of women getting tattoos (and lots of them) but nothing in the beauty isles to protect or preserve them.  After meeting with tattoo artists and speaking to several friends with ink, it was clear that a product catered to skin with tattooes was in order.  Many months and several formulations later, The Body Bartender- Tattoo Protection SPF 30 was introduced into the marketplace as the first ever product of its kind for tattoos.  

Since then, Heather has continued formulating many unique products held to her high standards, and continues guiding her clients to ensure the best and most healthy skin achievable. In addition to the current Body Bartender products, look for her new line "Organics With Love (O.W.L.)," featuring all natural and organic ingredients.